February 19, 2024

Best Air Jordan Colorways Of All Time

Best Air Jordan Colorways Of All Time

To many it’s clear that the Air Jordan line is the cornerstone of sneaker culture. While at the beginning these sneakers were created to enhance the performance of the greatest basketball player of all-time, they have matured into something much larger. Today, Air Jordans can be considered art forms, a fashion statement, and a cultural touchstone.

From the iconic Chicago Red to the sleek Bred Banned, we're going to dive into ten of the best Air Jordan colorways of all-time, and what makes them the greatest.

10. Air Jordan 1 "Chicago"

The "Chicago" colorway of the Air Jordan 1 is a classic and timeless design. Its combination of red, white, and black leather pays homage to the Chicago Bulls' colors, and these shoes are significant as they reflect Michael Jordan's tenure with the Bulls and his impact on the city.

9. Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot”

The Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot” embodies Michael Jordan’s last dance with the Chicago Bulls. Although he wore the Air Jordan 13 throughout his final season, it was the Air Jordan 14 that he won his final ring in against the Utah Jazz in 1998.

8. Air Jordan 13 "He Got Game"

The Air Jordan 13 "He Got Game" is notable for its black and white color scheme, making it a versatile option for Jordan fans. The name is derived from Spike Lee's film "He Got Game," where the character Jesus Shuttlesworth, played by Denzel Washington, wore these iconic Jordans.

7. Air Jordan 5 "Grape"

The "Grape" colorway of the Air Jordan 5 is all about vibrant, contrasting colors. With a white leather upper and accents of purple and emerald green, these shoes offer a fresh and unique look. This colorway is known for being worn by Will Smith in iconic sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”.

6. Air Jordan 12 "Flu Game"

A sneaker that is not only one of the best Air Jordan colorways of all-time, but also a memento of one of MJ's best moments - the Air Jordan 12 "Flu Game" features a black and red color scheme with subtle gold accents. These shoes are famously linked to Michael Jordan's incredible performance during the 1997 NBA Finals when he scored 38 points despite battling the flu, or food poisoning, as recent reports have suggested.

5. Air Jordan 6 "Infrared"

The Air Jordan 6 "Infrared" is known for its striking use of infrared accents on the midsole, tongue, and heel pull tab. This colorway is significant because Michael Jordan wore them during his first NBA championship run with the Chicago Bulls in 1991.

4. Air Jordan 3 "White Cement"

The "White Cement" colorway is another standout in the Air Jordan lineup. Its white leather upper, red accents, and iconic elephant print on the toe and heel areas make it a fan favorite. These shoes are important as they were the ones Michael Jordan wore when he won the Slam Dunk Contest in 1988, and also the first Air Jordan to feature the Jumpman Logo and the visible Air bubble in the midsole. With a contribution like that, it would be hard to leave it off of a list noting the best Air Jordan colorways of all time.

3. Air Jordan 4 "White Cement"

The "White Cement" colorway of the Air Jordan 4 is a classic, aging like fine wine. Its white leather upper, black and red accents, and cement speckles on the midsole make it one of the most beloved Jordans. These shoes are significant because they marked the first time Nike used cement print on a basketball shoe, and the origin of the Air Jordan Flight motif.

2. Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

The Air Jordan 11 "Concord" is synonymous with luxury and elegance. The white patent leather upper and black patent leather accents create a timeless, high-contrast look. Worn by Michael Jordan during his comeback in 1995, these shoes are highly significant and represent his return to the NBA.

1. Air Jordan 1 "Bred"

The "Bred" colorway, short for black and red, is one of the most, if not the most, iconic color scheme in the sneaker world. The Air Jordan 1 "Bred" combines black and red leather, making it one of the most versatile and timeless looks in the Jordan lineup. It's significant as it was one of the original colorways of the Air Jordan 1 and is closely associated with Michael Jordan's disruptive introduction to the NBA and one of Nike’s greatest marketing campaigns of all-time.

In conclusion, the Air Jordan line boasts numerous iconic colorways, each with its own story and significance. These sneakers are more than just shoes; they are a cultural phenomenon that transcends basketball and fashion. The Top 10 colorways listed above have left an indelible mark in the world of sneakers, and their influence continues to shape the sneaker culture to this day.