About Us

TOP DRWR is a pioneering online marketplace curating luxury items and personal collections from high profile collector.

TOP DRWR is an online marketplace that specializes in curating items from the personal collections of high-profile collector. Offering an immersive experience for users, TOP DRWR presents an assortment of luxury items from renowned brands and collector. With a commitment to transparency and authenticity, TOP DRWR ensures a seamless and secure process, enabling buyers and collectors to acquire luxury pieces from the world's most celebrated artists and athletes.

The journey begins for users as they embark on an alluring experience that shares the intricate details of each item. Each listing on TOP DRWR is accompanied by compelling content, offering an intimate glimpse into the significance of every item that will surely ignite spirited bidding wars. From behind-the-scenes anecdotes to personal stories from the collector, users will be enthralled. With a commitment to authenticity, TOP DRWR has verified the provenance of every item, giving buyers the confidence that they are acquiring genuine pieces directly from the personal collections of the profiled collector.

TOP DRWR is venture-backed by Courtside Ventures (backers of StockX and 100Thieves) and FJ Labs (backers of Farfetch, Uber, and AliBaba), and is co-founded by 3x Grammy nominated, multi-platinum and diamond artist, French Montana. The platform is poised to merge the worlds of luxury fashion and entertainment into a unique online marketplace experience. Collectors and enthusiasts alike will embark on an extraordinary journey where the convergence of high-profile collector and exceptional luxury creates an incredible opportunity to own a piece of history.