Explore the iconic world of Air Jordan, a brand that revolutionized sneaker culture. Founded in 1985, Air Jordan was born from the collaboration between Nike and basketball legend Michael Jordan.

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Who designed the Air Jordan 1?

The Air Jordan 1 was designed by Peter C. Moore, a Nike designer, and Bruce Kilgore, who is known for his work on several iconic Nike sneaker designs. The design of the Air Jordan 1 played a significant role in the success and popularity of the Air Jordan brand, which was created for basketball legend Michael Jordan in 1985.

Is Air Jordan owned by Nike?

Yes, Air Jordan is a brand owned and produced by Nike, Inc. The brand was created for basketball legend Michael Jordan in 1985, and it operates under the Nike umbrella. Air Jordan has since become one of the most iconic and successful sneaker lines in the world, known for its association with both basketball and streetwear fashion.