April 05, 2024

Staff Picks: 04/05/24

Staff Picks: 04/05/24

Every week, our staff selects their favorite products that are available for purchase on TOP DRWR. From Chrome Hearts to Louis Vuitton to Balenciaga, here are the items that you should add to your wish list.

Chrome Hearts Cashmere Zip-Up Hoodie

This cut-and-sew Chrome Hearts cashmere zip-up hoodie offers a more plush feel than your more standard 100% cotton Made in USA hoodie from the brand. The main detail that really takes this piece over the top is the thick, puff embroidery on each sleeve that features Chrome Hearts signature Old English font style. While from a far it may look like a piece from Chrome's streetwear line, the materials are what makes this a subtle flex.

Louis Vuitton x NIGO Monogram Jeans

One of the final collaborations in the late Virgil Abloh's tenure of Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton, the Louis Vuitton x NIGO collection merges the world's of the French luxury mainstay and NIGO's Americana-entrenched Human Made line. These jeans utilize Louis Vuitton's signature Monogram in a way that is almost out of character for a Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear piece. The patchwork construction and split-leg colorway are reminiscent of Kapital's Apple Denim and the works of other famous Japanese denim companies.

Chrome Hearts Rolex Submariner Date

The black ceramic Rolex Submariner Date is one of the most iconic watches of all-time and a staple in any serious collector's collection. So why not take it up a level with a custom Chrome Hearts 0.925 silver bracelet? We wouldn't suggest taking this Chrome Hearts Rolex Submariner to sea, although you technically can. What we would suggest is getting this piece sized for a snug fit as the bracelet is completely custom.

Balenciaga Bat Sunglasses

Summer is approaching and if you are a normal person, there is a good chance you lost your sunglasses from last season and are vowing to yourself that 2024 is the year that you take more responsibility to keep track of your next pair of shades. These Balenciaga Bat Sunglasses are a good option to be that pair. Why? Because they are unique, versatile, and not the easiest to replace.

Chrome Hearts Gunslinger Belt

A good, black leather belt is the key to any wardrobe and not something that you should cheap out on. This Chrome Hearts Gunslinger Belt is something that you could wear every day for the next 30 years and it will only look better in time, sort of like how fine wine can age to a better taste. But we are not an experts on wine. We are just an experts on dope looking belts.